The growing number of healthcare providers offers a vast opportunity for growth in the physiotherapy technology industry. An increasing number of road accidents, changes in health needs, sitting lifestyle, and greater patient expectations contribute to the demand for changes in fizjo-health tech. They are fostering the need for advancements in physiotherapy care. Technological solutions are pivotal for professionals who can have greater insight into patients' health information and provide them with accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Our ongoing project PostureScan supported by the Polish National Centre of Research and Development is a system based on machine learning used to analyze and interpret posture defects in children and adolescents. There is a growing epidemic for postural pathologies in children and adolescents, created by a variety of external stimulus.

To adhere to this problem, you need to be able to quickly validate the current state of postural changes. Traditionally, it was done by doctors of physiotherapy specialists in a med-clinic. Thanks to the system, you will be able to do the screening at home.